Sunday, November 19, 2006


Home Schooled

One day, Nina invited one of her former students to come to our class because she teaches her children at home which is called "Home Schooled". She came with three of her child, two boys and one girl. Every student in the class had questions because it's a new and different way for us. We asked her and she answered the question and she described more for us are explain the advantages and disadvantages. Before she ended her talk, she showed us a lot of items and books which she used it to teach her children and the method who she taught them.


The End of Semester

Now, we are in the last of semester. I don't believe that we are in the end of semester because it was like yesterday. When we began and today we are in the end. I had wonderful time this semester I met a lot of friends. I'll really miss the teachers and my friends. By writing this I tell all my friends and teachers "I will miss all of you."

Friday, November 17, 2006


The Library of Congers

In the trip to the Library of Congers, I had a funny story. My friend Ahmed and I were late, and we lost in the wrong building which this building of the Library of Congress, where we couldn't use our phones, but in the end God blessed us and we found the teachers and students by accident. Then we went with the group of students to the section where they put the history books. In the end of the Congers library trip I went to the shop to buy some souvenirs, so I won't forget this trip. After that we went to the Green house and I found many ways to save the earth and to decrease the pollution, but I found to saving the earth means losing your money because everything in the Green House was very expensive. They should make it cheap to encourage the people to use it. In the end, I'm very happy that I went on this trip.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Eid AL-Fiter

Every religion and culture has celebration. In my country, we celebrate our Independence Day on Sept. 3rd because Qatar got its independence from England on Sept. 3rd, 1971; that celebration just for my country Qatar. We also have celebrations in our religion, "Islam". One of them is called "Eid AL-Fiter" and the other one is called "Eid AL-Athha". In these days, Eid AL-Fiter comes after Ramadan, which is our month of fasting.

This was my First time to be outside of my country for Ramadan and Eid AL-Fiter.In my country the early morning we have a special pray it's called "Eid Prays."
Then we said Eid Mobarak to my Father and mother. After that, my father and I visit my grandfathers and grandmothers. Then we visit my relatives. After that, we have a big lunch in my grandfather's house. We all meet there: my uncles, my cousins, and my friends. We have a special dance called "AL-Arthah" where we dance with swords.At the night, we have big fire works.

But, now that I am here I didn't do anything like that. When the Eid came I went to Colorado State with my Friends, and we wear traditional clothes. Every one called his relatives in Qatar; then we made Eid lunch and have a lot of fun time. Still,I hope next Eid and Ramadan I will be in Qatar.


Reading The Novel

Hi, every body
I want to tell you a bout something important we are doing it in our class and how are it is helping us to improve our English.

In 003 classes of the Reading and Writing, we have been reading a novel since Oct.13th. It's called "The Five People You Meet in Heaven". It's easy sometimes but sometimes not easy because there is new vocabulary which confuses me when I read it. I enjoy that because it helps me to improve my reading skills. This was my first time to read a novel. I read short stories before. Nina gave us handouts to help us to find the answer and to make sure we understand that. I enjoy listening to the story because I heard the pronunciation very clearly and correctly. I think that's a good idea to improve our reading skills.

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