Friday, November 17, 2006


The Library of Congers

In the trip to the Library of Congers, I had a funny story. My friend Ahmed and I were late, and we lost in the wrong building which this building of the Library of Congress, where we couldn't use our phones, but in the end God blessed us and we found the teachers and students by accident. Then we went with the group of students to the section where they put the history books. In the end of the Congers library trip I went to the shop to buy some souvenirs, so I won't forget this trip. After that we went to the Green house and I found many ways to save the earth and to decrease the pollution, but I found to saving the earth means losing your money because everything in the Green House was very expensive. They should make it cheap to encourage the people to use it. In the end, I'm very happy that I went on this trip.

I would like to have a greenhouse in the future. It's becomes popular in every country.
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