Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Reading The Novel

Hi, every body
I want to tell you a bout something important we are doing it in our class and how are it is helping us to improve our English.

In 003 classes of the Reading and Writing, we have been reading a novel since Oct.13th. It's called "The Five People You Meet in Heaven". It's easy sometimes but sometimes not easy because there is new vocabulary which confuses me when I read it. I enjoy that because it helps me to improve my reading skills. This was my first time to read a novel. I read short stories before. Nina gave us handouts to help us to find the answer and to make sure we understand that. I enjoy listening to the story because I heard the pronunciation very clearly and correctly. I think that's a good idea to improve our reading skills.

I'm glad you like the book and feel that reading it is helping you to improve. I am sure that it is!
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