Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The Mind

On this week, we took unit 6 which it talks about The Mind. We discuss in the class about the mind and we shared the idea with the classmate. Also, we talk a bout the dream. Everyone in the class talk about their culture. In all culture have suppression. Likewise, in my culture we have suppression which it if you dream bad thing you keep it secret and don’t say it for any person because when you say it , it might happen. Also, if it’s good dream you can say it. But, it’s opposite to Juan culture. In addition, there are many theorizing the dream. For example, if you dream you have rabbits the theorizing for this dream is form each rabbit you will have million dollars. Also, when we were in the lab and we searched about some information. For example, I read about the cabs drivers in London, they can remember the direction with no navigation and London is one of the biggest cities. Also, we did IQ Test to see how we are intelligent. We all do it and we are enjoy do this because we can see how we are intelligent. This is really good time and we enjoy doing like this. This is first time we do it. Also, the topic of this week was really interesting because we know more about other culture and suppressions.

It sounds like it was an interesting week! The human mind and dreaming are both topics I also find intriguing. I have never dreamed about rabbits; that may explain why I am not rich. :-)

As for navigating around big cities, I think an interesting case is Tokyo, where house numbers are assigned chronologically rather than spatially: in other words, if you walk down a street in Tokyo, the house numbers might be 1, 10, 5, 2, 3.... depending on which houses were built first (1, 2, 3...) and which later (5, 10...). I've read that only the postmen know how to find individual houses. Of course, the people that live in them must know as well!
thank you Nina
i never heard that about japan before.
this is really good to now mre about japan.
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