Thursday, February 08, 2007


Gender and Relationship

Male and female both of them are human. Everyone have their responsibility. Also both of them have their characteristics. Male and female both have his/her responsibility to do it.
In my culture, male has more responsibility more than women. He can protect the female which it his wife, his mother, his sister and his daughter. He has emotion but he is disappeared it because he didn’t want to show he is a weak. Male work to bring money and to take care for his children and his wife.

I addition, female is very weak. She just takes care for his husband. Some of female don’t work just work in her house to take care for his children. Female is very emotional, in my country the women can’t be the judge because she is very emotional maybe she will be at wrong and the people can be the victim. She must obey his husband.

In conclusion, in my country, male and female are equilibrium. Both of them has/ her job. But female must obey the male rules to be saving because he takes care of her.

Essa, you say that men and women are equal in your society, but you also say that women are "weak" and too "emotional" to have a responsible job (like being a judge); you say that women must obey their husbands. That does not sound equal to me.

In my experience, some men are weak, and some women are strong, and women make excellent judges if they have the education, training, and temperament for the job. Some do, and some men don't.
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