Thursday, February 01, 2007


Danger and Daring

In the second week of MEI classes, we took Danger and Daring. It’s about extreme sports. Many people think when they are in the safe way they will die. They want to try dangers sports. They like adventure the most people who like doing these sports are teenage, because they think they are a hero and strong people. Also, they want to do anything nobody does it before. In the reading and writing class, we took a bout person who climbs Mt Everest and how it is dangers and how it is interesting. They interesting because they do a dangers things and they can get to the top of mountain. On the other hand, they face a lot of dangers because in the Mt Everest oxygen comes low than usual, they lack of food .also, the weather is freezing.
In addition, I am a teenager, I like to do like that sport. In 1998, I had been going to Australia and I jumped from parachute. Last month, I went to Lebanon and I went to the mountain to skiing and I went to the top of the mountain. First thing, I fell down but I contains to the bottom of the mountain but I can’t stop I tried my best, and then I hit a man who he stopped in my face. After that, I fell down again then I stopped.

Hi, Essa, it's great to see you are still posting to the blog you created last semester!
Personally I am a coward. Extreme sports are not for me!
Hello, Essa!
It's been a while, right? I'm glad to be able to read your post again! I found it interesting to know more about the dangerousness of extreme sports. I sometimes come across the people who are willing to try these kinds of sports just to stand out! I understand that they want to show everyone that they are courageous, but I think they should be well-prepared before they try to do something dangerous.

Anyway, it's good to see you again!
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