Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Aesthetics and Beauty

On this week we study about the Aesthetics and Beauty. It’s really interesting topic. Under this topic we discuss a lot of things with student and we know a lot a bout different culture know. One of these topics is tattoos. Tattoos are marked which people do it to be different from other people. Tattoos are familiar in some country, and in other country tattoos are kind of bad things like wise in Japan the people who put a tattoos are gangsters. In my country, nobody put the tattoos but there is something it maybe it’s similar to tattoos but it disappear after few days it’s called Al-Henna, it’s just for lady not for a man. I think tattoos have many disadvantage. First, when you make the tattoos you can’t disappear. Second, it makes a lot of diseases like cancer. Also, when you have tattoo and you come old, the tattoo looks like blurring. In addition, what I think Al-Henna better than tattoos because it has benefit for person, it doesn’t make dieses. Also, tattoos are burn yourself but the al-henna just draws what you want. On the other hand, I think it has an advantage which is covering the scar. Finally, when I get a chance to do tattoo I will not do it because I like my normal body with out any thing drew on it.

Hello, Essa!
I enjoyed reading your post about the topic you discussed with friends of yours. I also found it interesting to see the differences of perceptions of tattoos in various kinds of cultures. I once didn't get the fact that the people who have different cultures from mine easily got tattoos, because in Japan having tattoos is like telling people that "I'm dangerous". It's gotten popular among young people, and I guess the situation has changed a bit. But still, I don't think it's the right thing to do. In addition, I won't be able to swim in the swimming pool, and to enjoy public bathes if I have a tattoo on my body. Most importantly, it's too painful for me!
I agree with you and with Hiromi. I would never want to get a tattoo! (What if I changed my mind about it later? It would be as painful to remove as it was to get in the first place!) But I know several people who have tattoos. They are in their 30s, so when they were a little younger it was a popular thing to do.
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