Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My Weekend

Last weekend, on Friday, my friend Saoud, Mohammed Al-Hajri and I went to the to Washington DC and we met our friends, who studied there. On Saturday, we got up at 10:00 AM but we went out at 8:00 PM to the Tyson’s corner. We want to buy some clothes and shoes but there is not enough time to buy, but Saoud bought a jacket and T-shirts. Then my friend who studies in Washington DC came to us and we went together to the coffee shop in Virginia. After that, we went to my friend apartment and we watched TV and played play station. On Sunday, we went to the M st in Washington DC and we walk a round this street until the sun set then we eat dinner there. After that we go back and review some grammar because we had a test on Monday.

Hi Essa,
You like to outside activity, right? You were so busy in last weedend, went to the D.C and went to shopping. Did you find something new or fashion now?
It's always nice to hang out with your friends on weekends, isn't it? I'm glad to hear that you had a very nice weekend!
I am planning to go to DC soon with my friend, and will be really happy if you come with us.
Hi, Essa

we have to go out together, but I think after the midterm.

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