Sunday, October 01, 2006


My Weekend in The ColoradoOoOo

Hi, every body

Let's me talk about my trip in Colorado. I went there with my friend Saoud and Mohammed AL-Hajri before two weeks. I met my friends who are study in University of Maryland last two semesters. When I went there I was going to the mountain and I took pictures with my friend Mohammed. The weather was very cold and I was sick when I came back to the Maryland.

Hello Essa,
Colorado is so beautiful. You are really enjoy your life.
Hi Essa. Did you enjoy your trip?
It's great to see you through the blog.Thank you for your comment.
It is sprinbg here now. There are many cherryblossam(sakura) bloomed.
How about your country? I am wondering how many seasons do you have there?
Nice pictures! This was a terrific opportunity for you to see another state. Too bad you got sick, though!
HI, Essa

It's was a good trip to Coloardo, and I am happy to see my friends there. I hope for you to be good all the tims
Hi, Essa
Nice pictures. And wish you will feel good now.
Hi Essa!
I heard about Colorado from my friend before!
I really want to go to Colorado!
Your picture is very nice!!
Did you meet Ganim & Nawaf?
I want to meet them.
Hi Essa , I hope you enjoy very nice trip there it sound it's a nice place for visiting
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