Sunday, October 08, 2006


My Speaking Partner

Hi,every body...
I am going to talk about my speaking partner. I had one before but she didn't come and when I sent message she didn't answer. Then Kim gave me a new partner and I met her last week in the lunch brake in stamp union. I was happy because she's a student and she told me about university. Also, we talked about our family and she was amazing because I have a big family. She asked me why I came here. And which major I want to join?
But the time was flying. And we decided to talk about our culture in the next time and I will meet her on Wednesday.
In my opinion, the speaking partner helps us to improve our speaking skills.And help we to talk with no shy.

Hello, essa
I would like to tell you about TOEFL information I know. I practice at home. I bought a TOEFL practice exercise book. I think you can go to library to rent some books about TOEFL practice exercise. But I don’t know our ID is available or not. I also registered it but I registered on PBT.

Good luck on your test. ^^
You are lucky person because you have beautiful partner and I hope to you spend good time with her.
I am sorry the first partnher didn't work out, but it sounds like you now have a good partner who will work with you to improve your English! The cultural information you share is also a very important part of the speaking partner relationship. Both partners can learn from and teach each other.
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