Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Important Things in The Class

That's my best class and it's better than the two last semesters. We have a lot of activities we can do it in the class can help us to improve our skills in reading. Like wise (SRA, Power builder, blogs, chats… etc). Also, we have improving our writing by write drafts. We learn about different countries and cultures because we have students from other countries. When we talked we learn more and more about other cultures. Also, every one has to sit near to the student who speaks another language for example (one of Arabic sit near one of Asia, Brazil or Iran). When the class began, I met my old friends and I made a new friend from other countries.

Essa, you sound happy and that pleases me. I am glad you like SRA, chatting, and blogging. (I plan to schedule a weekend chat soon.) Meeting people from other countries and cultures is a wonderful way to broaden one's horizons. When you return to Qatar, you will have a much broader view of what the world is like than you had when you first came. :-)
I am glad to study in this class, too.
Hi Essa,
I like the SRA too. It's very useful for me to read as fast as possible.
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