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Hi, every body

On Thursday , Oct.12th,2006, we went to "Harpers Ferry", it means "Harpers" is name of a person and "Ferry" is mean boat which goes from Harpers Ferry across the river. We went there with all students and teachers. We had a good time. We were meeting in the MEI building; then we got a bus from University of Maryland to Harpers Ferry. It's taking two hours, but I slept that two hours.

When we got there the teachers divided us in to four groups, I was with Nina's group. We went around the buildings in this old city and we got a lot of information and took pictures of our groups. We saw a lot of different sections. Harpers Ferry preserves over 240 years of American history. There are six major themes of park which are Natural Heritage, Transportation, Industry, African-American History, John Brown and Civil War. Also, they have two main transportation systems that brought goods to Harpers Ferry in the 1850s, the railroad and canal (from Harpers Ferry to Washington DC but now there isn't any water in it). The river helped build and destroy the town. We saw the confluence of two rivers; these two are Potomac and Shenandoah. We visited the Harper's House which built by Robert Harper between 1775 and 1782; this is the oldest surviving structure in the park. The furnished interior, typical of a tenant house, reveals the crowded conditions of this busy industrial town in the 1850s. MC Graw's Family paid $60 a year to rent the house to live in prostration of the Harper House in 1856. Captain Alanzo Pratt was primary enforcer of military law during the civil war. After that, we went to the bus to come back to Maryland. We have a very good time.

In my opinion, any student who didn't go missed out on a great trip!

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I hoped that I was with you but, I could't because my brother told me about my father and I was depressed.
He is in U.K now. I have to go there soon.
Hello Essa,
Thank you for your information about Harpers Ferry. It’s very clearly and easy to understand it. I saw your group very earnest in scavenger hunt. I think it is helpful for us to get more knowledge about American culture. Have a nice weekend !!
I am glad you enjoyed the field trip! On Monday I will give you some hints for editing your post. :-)
How's it going?
Why didn't you take a picture in there?
And I've been restarting my blog, and I hope you vist to my blog..
have a nice weekend
you guys look had fun.
Marhaba, Essa

I am sure you enjoyed, and see you on Oct. 19.
Great pictures, Essa! My favorite is the one of you under Jefferson Rock. I am glad you finally succeeded in adding the album to your post. :-)
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