Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Eduacation City in Qatar

Hi, Every body
let's me talk about the eduaction in Qatar......
The government in Qatar is care about the education and also the not any education, the government likes their peoples to have a good education so they take the acceptation from the higher universities in US to have branch from it in Qatar,
For example, universities of taxes, will cornel, Gorge Washington, and carnage melon.
They believe those university can help the peoples to have good education and reflect that in the development way that the government lead it. Qatar is take this way because it believe the ways of education in USA are very benefit and can help the people in Qatar to raise their state which mean also will raise country state,
I give this example from contrast between Qatar and USA because they emphasize to have good education in their countries.


I agree with you Essa the goverment keep trying to give us the best eduacation
If Qatar and the U.S. are alike in valuing a good education, then that is a comparison, rather than a contrast.
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