Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Lunch On Sept.12th

My friend Mohammed and I walked to the Stamp Union. We ate lunch together at the Subway restaurant. Both of us ordered the same sandwich, chicken with salad, because we didn’t want to be full. Also we talked a bout our next vacation and how we will make a good plan for that vacation. We hope to have a good time on the vacation. Then we went to the lab, connected with the internet, and chatted with our friend on hotmail. Before the class began, we sat for a while near our classroom building. Finally we start class.

Hi, essa

I think yoy forget me when you talked about me with mohammed about the vacation I will go with you. I recomend you to try the MacDonald's I think it's better then subway
I was sorry you did not join us at the Dairy! I think you would have liked it, and it's very convenient to our class!
Hi Essa

I am very glad that I had lunch with you. I hope that we can have a lunch again.
Hi, Mohammed
I hope to. But when you want to speak English together.
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