Monday, September 18, 2006


The Food Coop

Hi, everybody

Today, on the lunch break time Nina, my classmates and I went to the Food Coop. when we got to the Stamp Union; Nina took a picture of Amer, Saoud, me with a turtle sculpture while the other classmates were walking. Then all of us took a picture at the main entrance of the Stamp Union. Next, we go downstairs to the Food Coop and we saw the food. They have mostly vegetarian food. We also took a picture there. Then most of us went to another restaurant; I went to Subway. Because we aren’t vegetarians just Nina is.

I like to go to Subway as well. We have stores in Japan, but I like the stores in the US better because they have various kinds of sandwich!
You don't have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetables! Do you have to eat meat every day, twice a day?

Actually, I am not a very strict vegetarian. I eat dairy products (like cheese and yogurt, and of course ice cream), eggs, and (occasionally) fish. But I never eat meat or poultry.
Hi. Essa!
I'm Sunghye. Can you remember?^^
Do you like "food coop"?
I've never eaten in there.Let's go there for lunch sometime^^
Hello Essa,
I think that you are a person who with warm-heartedness. You always give me a favor when I inneed. Thank you so much!!
Hey every body

I think Nina is right, vegetables are necessary for body so you should eat vegetables even if you are not vegetarian
Hi, Hiromi

Thank you for writing in my blog.
I like subway but I ate it twice in my country because I always eat from my house made but when l came to USA I am almost eating from Subway.
Hi, Nina,
Thank you for writing in my blog. I am eating meat everyday. I like vegetable but not too much.

Hi, Sunghye,
Thank you for writing in my blog. Of course I remember every student in my class. I can't say "Food Coop" good or not because I never eat from there. But, I sure we will go sometime to eat lunch. ^_^
Hi, Jennifer
Thank you for writing in my blog.
and Thanks for you again, I think you too ^_^
Hi, Ozizo

Thank you for writing in my blog.
You know in the Gulf we like meat and rice very much and it's popular food in the Gulf.^_^
Hi, Essa
We spent a good time together in the Coop Food, and we had a good lunch in subway
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