Friday, September 15, 2006


The First Day in MEI

On Friday Sept.8th, 2006, was the first day of class at MEI. When I came to MEI and I met my old friends. Then Nina came to take us to her class and we met with other students from different countries. Everyone in our class talk about themselves, to know each other and make friends with other classmate. After that, Nina took us to the lab and she taught us how to make a blog. Every one in the class made them own blog. Then everyone in the class writes the comment to the classmate.

That is what happened. What do you think about what happened? What are your impressions of these things?
Hello Essa,
Nice to meet you in this class at MEI. I am very interest in Arabic such as Arabic’s histories and cultures. Would you share your knowledge with me on your blogger?
Have a great weekend.
My name is Hiromi and I visited UM this summer as a participant of the program made by MEI. I actually was a student of Nina's class just for 2 weeks!

Reading your post about what you did on the first day of the class really reminds me of the time I spent in Maryland!

Anyway,I'm looking forward to reading your post!
I feel nervous at the first time, but when I stay more then one week I felt better. I think MEI is one of the best institute. I came to MEI to learn English. I came since January and I am sure my language has improved and it come better in this semester.
hi Essa.
We haven't talked to each other, but let's talk to get to know each other.
Hi, Hiromi
Nice to meet you. I like to make friend with other people from different country.
Thank you for your comments.
Hi, Hsk
thank you for your comments and I hope to be friend and talk to each other.
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